No More Wedding Crisis for a Family Member

Weddings are such a special occasion in families. It was my sister Maria’s wedding. We had been planning on it for such a long time. All our relatives were supposed to come. One very special person had to come from Australia, that person was my brother Hassan. At the last moment, his leave for Maria’s wedding was not sanctioned. The only option was to quit his job for the wedding. My brother offered to quit his job, but Maria asked him not to end his career just for the wedding. All of us were very sad. We had been so excited about my brother’s arrival.

My best friend saw this and told me about the Postagain app. So I downloaded the Postagain app on my mobile phone. My friends told me that this app would help me and my family remains in touch with my brother during the wedding and that is exactly what happened. A day before the wedding I made content named “Maria’s wedding”. I asked my brother to download the same app. After he made an account I asked him to the search the content that I had made. Through this app, we felt like my brother was really there with us. Using this app was quite easy. On the morning of the wedding, I made a short video of all the mess and the hustle and bustle of everyone getting ready amid the chaos. My brother was able to see what I posted by searching the content, “Maria’s Wedding”. He could even comment on the pictures and post his own pictures in response. I was constantly uploading pictures of Maria when she was getting ready, my brother was teasing her for the makeup but I knew that he actually loved these moments. All the teasing reminded me of our childhood.

When my cousins saw the app I was using and they downloaded it as well. The “On Air” feature allowed us to open a chat room for the same content. All my cousins chatted in this chat room about the events of the wedding. Others cracked jokes and puns. Everyone commented on the pictures I was posting. Even my father joined us after a while.

When the actual ceremony began I made a video and uploaded it to the Post Again app. During the ceremony, my brother was teary eyed. I could see that because of the pictures he was posting.  He could get the 360-degree view of the whole venue through the videos that everyone was uploading for him. The whole event was wonderful and it felt as if my brother was present among us during the whole function. My brother posted a farewell message for my Maria at the end of the wedding. All the family members were really glad that Hassan could participate in the ceremony.

Postagain is an incredible app that turned a disappointing situation into a happy one. I would really recommend this app for everyone.